Living Classrooms Foundation


Living Classrooms Foundation (LCF) is addressing urgent needs in one of Baltimore’s lowest income communities where extreme weather and an unreliable grid cause full weeks of power loss. Through the PRC partnership, Living Classrooms is installing solar panels and batteries on local community centers to provide power, shelter, and services to families whose health and safety are at risk when the grid fails. This project is grounded in social equity, fusing deep community engagement with new forms of resilience education. It also includes a certification and job training program to prepare unemployed residents and returning citizens for work in solar installation, a quickly growing job market in Maryland. Living Classrooms has partnered on this project with Power52, an organization dedicated to providing affordable solar power for and by the community by delivering training programs and providing job placement to over 35 graduates. Living Classrooms and Power52 recently celebrated the opening of the nation’s first community-based solar powered resiliency hub at the POWER House, featuring solar, battery back-up, and a generator that will allow the building to have power for at least three days and provide emergency and community services to community members. Living Classrooms and Power52 are working to complete two more resiliency hubs with solar and battery back-up. Learn more at and follow them at @livingclassroom.