Healthy Community Services

New Orleans

Healthy Community Services is a newly formed community-based nonprofit that is dedicated to serving 7th Ward residents on a variety of topics to advance a healthier way of living. As the 7th Ward is still rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, green infrastructure is a key part of the organization’s vision for a healthier more resilient neighborhood. Through the PRC partnership, Healthy Community Services will partner with Water Wise to cultivate neighborhood green infrastructure champions. These champions will receive over 10 hours of training in green infrastructure. Each of the champions will initiate a small scale green infrastructure project in their respective neighborhoods of the 7th Ward and Treme. Once the training is completed and the capacity has been developed through the small project implementation, the champions, as a collective, will complete a larger scale project in both the 7th Ward and Treme. The champions will play a key role in the planning and design of the project and will host a community gathering to showcase the projects and engage the community in learning about green infrastructure.