Webinar: Emergency Management

January 30, 2019 |

Institute for Sustainable Communities

Emergency management systems are an important tool that can help make communities more resilient. This webinar challenges the scarcity of emergency management resources in neighborhoods of color and provides information that can help communities access public resources to support the design and implementation of a neighborhood emergency management system.

More Information

The Institute for Sustainable Communities, Partnership for resilient communities hosted the webinar, Being Ready and Keeping Safe: Communities Engaged for Emergency Management & Resilience. Speakers Sarita Turner, Institute for Sustainable Communities (moderator), John Huffington, Director of Workforce Development at Living Classrooms Foundation and Steve Adams, Director of Urban Resilience at the Institute for Sustainable Communities discussed what a neighborhood emergency management system is, why resources and information about emergency management systems are so scarce in neighborhoods of color and shared insights on how to access resources to support designing and implementing emergency services.   View the webinar slides.