Peer Learning

Solar Market Pathways: 2017

Sacramento, CA | May 2-4, 2017

Peer Learning Recap

The Solar Market Pathways Sustainable Communities Leadership Academy was designed and delivered for solar and sustainability practitioners across the country that have received grants from the Solar Market Pathways initiative — part of the U.S. Department of Energy‘s SunShot Initiative. This workshop brought together the 14 awardee teams working for the Solar Market Pathways to develop strategies that expand solar electricity use for residential, community and commercial properties across the country.

Presenters, Advisors, and Staff:

Sara Baldwin Auck, IREC

Harshul Banthia, Sustainable Capital Advisors

Dan Boff, U.S. Department of Energy

Michele Boyd, U.S. Department of Energy

Nicole Enright, ISC

John Gingrich, EnergySage

John Goodin, California ISO

Nate Hausman, Clean Energy Group

Josh Huneycutt, U.S. Department of Energy

Brian Keane, SmartPower

Emily Kirsch, Powerhouse

Daniella Leifer, Sustainable CUNY

Carl Linvill, RAP

Marc Monbouquette, California Public Utilities Commission

Alexandra Patey, Center for Sustainable Energy

Bentham Paulos, PaulosAnalysis

Debra Perry, ISC

Eric Rehm, Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Audrey Seaman, ISC

Richard Sedano, RAP

John Shenot, RAP

Larry Sherwood, IREC

Jessica Shipley, RAP

Rachel Snead, Dominion

Sky Stanfield, Shute, Mihaly, Weinberger

Deborah Stone, Cook County

Lora Toothman, Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia

Mike Trahan, Northeast Solar Coalition

Elaine Ulrich, U.S. Department of Energy

Sarah Wright, Utah Clean Energy


About the Sustainable Community Leadership Academy

An international nonprofit organization, the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) has 26 years of practical experience working with local leaders to accelerate climate change and sustainability solutions. ISC’s programs are designed to facilitate peer learning and engagement among local leaders charged with the work of making their communities more sustainable. ISC has led more than 110 projects in 30 countries, and currently works in Asia and the United States. Learn more at:



Slides from John Goodin's presentation, Integrating Distributed Solar Systems into Grid Operations.

Slides from the 5X5 presentation at the 2017 Solar Market Pathways Leadership Academy in Sacramento, CA.

Slides from Lupe Jimenez's presentation on 2500 R Midtown.

Slides from Brian Keane's presentation, Expanding The Solar Revolution: Key Lessons From Solarize.

Slides from Harshul Banthia's presentation for the breakout session: Solar Financing Models: What’s Working? What’s Not? And Where to from Here?