Peer Learning

Partnership for Resilient Communities: Peer Learning Workshop

Baltimore, MD | February 2-3, 2017

Peer Learning Recap

The Partnership for Resilient Communities peer learning workshop was the first in a series of peer learning events. This workshop, co-facilitated by Movement Strategy Center, brought together our partners, Eastside Community Network of Detroit and Living Classrooms Foundation of Baltimore, to foster a constructive working relationship and facilitate opportunities for each organization to learn from their own experiences and expertise. This event connected the organizations not only with each other, but with local and national experts from the ISC network to collaborate on innovative solutions to challenges big and small, cross-cutting and place-based.

I cannot tell you how much this partnership has meant to us. It's raised our credibility as green infrastructure providers in Detroit and changed our relationship with the city.

–Donna Givens, CEO
Eastside Community Network, Detroit

Presenters, Advisors, and Staff:

Eli Allen, CivicWorks
Victoria Benson, Movement Strategy Center
James Bond, Living Classrooms Foundation
Steve Bountress, Living Classrooms Foundation
Cherie Brooks, Power52
Denise Caldwell, Baltimore City
Beth Campbell, Living Classrooms Foundation
Julius Carter, Power52
Suzanne Cleage, Eastside Community Network
Laura Connelly, Parks & People Foundation
Maritza Dominguez, Living Classrooms Foundation
Sharde Fleming, Eastside Community Network
Donna Givens, Eastside Community Network
John Huffington, Living Classrooms Foundation
Briony Hynson, Neighborhood Design Center
Jason Jannatti, Power52
Tessa Kaneene, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Jenny Katz, CivicWorks
Raquel Lilly, Living Classrooms Foundation
Henry McKay, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Steve Nicholas, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Corey Ramsden, MD SUN
Krystle Starvis, Living Classrooms Foundation
Travis Street, Living Classrooms Foundation
Bishop Eugene Sutton, ISC Board Member and MD Episcopal Diocese
Bill Vondrasek, Baltimore City


An international nonprofit organization, the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC) has 26 years of practical experience working with local leaders to accelerate climate change and sustainability solutions. ISC’s programs are designed to facilitate peer learning and engagement among local leaders charged with the work of making their communities more sustainable. ISC has led more than 110 projects in 30 countries, and currently works in Asia and the United States. Learn more at:


This workshop brought together the first two community-based organizations from the Partnership for Resilient Communities.



Training tool which documents a resident-led method of positive community change.