Peer Learning

Turning Energy Data into Action

Golden, CO | April 3-4

Peer Learning Recap

The Turning Energy Data into Action: Advancing your Clean Energy Strategy workshop equipped cities with energy data, planning and decision-support tools to allow them to chart their renewable energy strategies, fill gaps in energy data and make data-driven decisions for their city and region. The workshop was held in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), bringing NREL tools and expertise to city leaders and offering cities the opportunity to shape current and future NREL tools. 

Photo credit: Werner Slocum/National Renewable Energy Lab

This workshop was extremely useful for plugging cities into NREL’s resources and tools. City action is most powerful when it can be easily repeated/adopted by other cities, for impact at scale.

–Marshall Duer-Balkind
Program Analyst, D.C. Department of Energy and Environment, Washington, D.C.

Presenters, Advisors and Staff:

Lori Bird, NREL
Christina Bowman, Department of Energy Fellow, Weatherization and Governmental Program
Michael Coddington, NREL
Dylan Cutler, NREL
Megan Day, NREL
Elizabeth Doris, NREL
Emma Elgqvist, NREL
Nicole Enright, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Bryan Hannegan, NREL
Chad Laurent, Meister Consultants Group
Devonie McCamey, NREL
Joyce McLaren, NREL
Debra Perry, Institute for Sustainable Communities
Shanti Press, NREL
Rachel Sullivan, NREL


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This workshop provided a forum for cities to plug into NREL’s resources and connect with the experts behind them, and an opportunity for NREL experts to hear how their work was serving — or could better serve — cities.


Cook County/Chicago

Erie County
New York

Fort Collins

New Jersey

Oak Park and River Forest

San Antonio

San Diego

San Jose

Southeast Florida

Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C.



Slides from Rachel Sullivan's presentation: Stakeholder Engagement

Slides from Elizabeth Doris' presentation: Data and Tools for Renewable Cities.

Slides from the District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment's presentation: Clean Energy D.C.: The District of Columbia Climate and Energy Plan.